Man-made Fibers

Market potential and processing technology for man-made fibers

A thriving market with great potential for advancement

The growth and wide distribution of technical fabrics seem unstoppable and is advancing even in countries that have traditionally been more focused on cotton processing. The many uses of technical fabrics in various fields are such that investing in technical textile production in not only a valid alternative to natural fibers spinning, but it is also an important step to expand in growing segments that are not as sensitive to conjunctural crisis that cyclically take over the global textile market.

Production technology

Although technical and synthetic fibers do not require cleaning and are of uniform length, the spinning process is not at all easy and quality, efficiency and productivity levels may vary substantially depending on the selected technology. Thanks to active and long-standing cooperations between Marzoli, technical fiber suppleirs and some industry leaders in the production of technical yarns, Marzoli offers outstanding technology which allows to reach excellent quality, efficiency and productivity levels, some of which are reported hereafter.

Marzoli knowledge in technical fibres

Marzoli is the ideal partner for the quality and the uniqueness of its opening and blending machines, preparation and spinning.

At the centre of Marzoli’s research, fibre producers, researchers and clients have actively cooperated to experiment with the various types of technical fibres in order to evaluate their spinning capabilities and the possible end results. Some fibre producers have installed selected Marzoli machines in their production departments to experiment directly on their products.

Thanks to partnerships with some of the major producers of synthetic and technical yarns, Marzoli has acquired information and experience to design machines capable of powerfully yet delicately processing these fibres. Our technologists and our R&D department have actively cooperated with our customers to find the right solution for each type of raw material.

The transformation process from fibre to yarn to fabric is comparable to the traditional process used for cotton fibres: opening, spinning, weaving, finishing, etc.



One of the challenges of working with technical fibres is the opening of the fibrous mass without scraping, breaking, weakening the fibre. It is therefore of utmost importance to choose the correct composition of opening and blending equipment that will maximize production and quality. Marzoli's line of equipment offers a selection among several types of openers with different types of variable speed beaters; different types of carding sectors, feeding rollers and nipping points.



When processing synthetic and technical fibres, diferent colours of the same fibre or fibres of different composition are often blended together. Marzoli's high production feeders with precision scales can blended up to five different components and guarantee uniform mixes keeping blending errors below 1%.



Marzoli found itself to be the natural partner of these technical fibres pioneers and thanks to its intense dedication and its productive capabilities, has become the preferred for the selection of spinning equipment.

Starting wih the models developed in the 80's, Marzoli cards have adapted to the evolving attributes of technical fibres. The latest model (offering a carding area of 1.500mm) has maintained the geometry and diameters of the carding organs that adapt well to the work required by this type of fibres. The new geometrics, the large carding surface and numerous combinations of carding sectors in input and output, have allowed the new Marzoli card to increase its production rates, while guaranteering at the same time efficient opening of the fibrous mass without fibre damage.



Technical fibres have to be spinned paying special attention to friction. Excessive friction and increase in heat can cause irreversible damage to yarn and fabrics. Roving Frames and Spinning Frames have to keep these factors into account.

The correct spinning geometry, the antiballon position and the need of easy removal when required, are very important features and are characteristics of all models of Marzoli Spinning Frames. Both Marzoli roving frames and spinning frames guarantee high flexibility and can be adapted quickly to production of different types of fibres. All production parameters can be easily set using a touch screen. The cylinders can be equipped with a medium or long cradle; the spinning frame creel is extremely flexible and can be used for numerous special yarns applications.