Marzoli Compact Yarn Mac 1

A new system simple and reliable for very highquality yarns.

Compact technology allows to parallelize the fibers and to decrease the dimensions of the spinning triangle, enabling to reduce the hairiness and increase the strength value of the yarn.
The most effective system to compact the yarns is achieved through suction of the fibers bundle after the drafting area.

With the new Marzoli device Mac 1, the compacting operation is performed by means of a suction nozzle positioned between the first top roller and a supplementary top roller with special diameter 17 mm.

The suction nozzle is connected through a tube directly to the pneumafil duct, making the system easy and functional.

Mac 1 is used alongside with the Arco Bridge drafting system and the two devices together allow to achieve very excellent quality goals in both reducing the

defects and increasing the strength value.

Marzoli Mac 1 Features

• Applicable on all new MDS1 ring spinning frames pre-arranged Mac1.
• Possibility to retrofit on existing ring spinning frames.
• Suction system without additional motors, but performed directly through suction duct.
• Low production costs.
• Suitable for various types of fibers: cotton, synthetics, blends; particularly indicated for medium combed yarns.
• Fully integrated with the Arco Bridge drafting system.
• Reduced cleaning and maintenance times.
• Totally independent system that may be easily assembled and disassembled on the machine for a great production flexibility of the ring spinning frame.

Marzoli Arco Bridge and Mac 1 compact system allow to achieve an excellent reduction of the imperfections and hairiness with an improvement in strength and elongation values. With the combination of these two Marzoli devices, the customer can choose to improve his yarn quality standards, or reduce the waste percentage in the cotton preparation achieving same quality in the yarn.

Thanks to the hairiness length classification performed by the Uster Zweigle HL400, it is possible to make a deeply analysis of the yarn hairiness. Here under a comparison between Ne 30 standard combed yarn, competitor compact yarn and Marzoli.

Here under a comparison between Ne 30 standard combed yarn, competitor compact yarn and Mac 1.