More Quality less Waste

The R&D of the new Marzoli Galileo line focuses not only on increasing production and reducing energy consumption, but also on improving quality, while reducing the waste of cotton during the spinning process.

The cotton affects up to 60% of the cost of the final product and reduces the waste, with the same quality, therefore it creates an immediate benefit for the spinner.

Blowroom: same standard quality with less waste up to 1,5%. The innovative beaters and carding sectors grant a better opening and selection of fibres, thereby improving the cleaning of cotton and at the same time reducing the amount of good fibres in the waste. 

The new Card C701 has the greatest carding surface of the world market today.
High carding action, thanks to the less amount of fibres distributed on the carding elements.
Best selection of short fibres and trash, sliver cleaner with lower amount of trash.
Marzoli Blowroom and Card allow to reach a considerable waste reduction up to 3%, with same quality of the sliver.

The excellent quality of laps produced by the new lap former, thanks to the regularity of the sliver of C701, allows the comber  to further improve the selection of the fibres by reducing the length of the noil fibres. Up to 2% reduction of the percentage of noil according to the processed cotton keeps the same regularity of the sliver of traditional lines;

Roving Frame: several tests carried out at different clients demonstrate how we can improve the quality of the yarn utilizing cylinders with 27 mm diameter to reduce the gauge and to improve the control of the short fibers. (Marzoli option)  

Ring frame with Arco bridge drafting system : special shape of the bar and the cradle. Better and progressive fibres control in the drafting area. Reduction of the imperfection in the yarn. Thin and thick can be reduced by 30% on carded and combed yarn count Ne 20 to Ne 40;

Compact yarn: the compact technology keeps parallels the fibres after drafting and reduces the spinning triangle. With this solutions the fibres will be better twisted inside the yarn with great results in quality.  Less hairiness and higher yarn strength are the most important goal of compact yarn.

A new and complete Marzoli line, from Blow room to Spinning Frame , allow to the customer to choose to reduce the total waste up to 4 % keeping same yarn evenness of the standard line, or get better quality with same percentage of waste.