Marzoli is a leading supplier of textile machinery and components for short-staple fiber processing. The company is located in Palazzolo S/O (Italy) where it has been developing and manufacturing its machinery since 1851.

Today Marzoli is part of the Camozzi group, a consolidated and successful reality that comprises 13 brands, operating in 75 countries worldwide with branch offices, exclusive distributors and service centers. The corporate culture of the Camozzi Group, fostering continuous innovation, has further strengthened Marzoli’s capabilities and drive towards leading-edge technology for the textile industry.

Marzoli today embodies the perfect fusion between mature expertise and the most advanced technologies. The historical competence on the entire fiber preparation and spinning processes have led Marzoli to be the only European supplier of the full line of machines for opening, preparation and spinning of natural, man-made, technical fibers and their blends. Moreover, the impressive growth of the nonwoven sector has fostered Marzoli to approach this industry with excellent solutions for fiber processing and web formation.

Thanks to its global presence and its extensive experience with any type of fiber, process and project, Marzoli constitutes a reliable partner for any customer and for any entrepreneur willing to enter the spinning sector. Furthermore, Marzoli assists the client from plant design to its maintenance, thereby extending the advantages of relying on a leading-technology supplier to the entire life-cycle of the project.

Marzoli is a supplier of state-of-the-art solutions for the global woven and nonwoven sectors and is the ideal choice for any prospect willing to differentiate along the lines of quality, productivity, efficiency and flexibility.



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Via S. Alberto, 10
25036 Palazzolo s/O (Bs) Italia
Phone: +39 030 73091

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