Marzoli India


MTMM is the Indian subsidiary of Marzoli. The company is located in Hosur Taluk, in the district of Krishnagiri (Tamil Nadu), where the firm stocks Marzoli’s original spare parts and manages its technical service for the entire Indian region.

The company has also established an advanced electronic service station which provides assistance on electronic modules and components.

With an ever-increasing number of technologists and with the high investment in fixed capital, MTMM’S mission is to serve the Indian spinning community with highly-skilled technical support and promptly-available spare parts.

These are essential drivers to ensure that the technological advantage achieved through Marzoli’s technology can be maintained in time.





Service & customer support

Contact                +91 4344 400 116



Technological support

Contact                +91 8511366704 / 91 93267 61299

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