Marzoli and SI.GA Trading at Exintex

November 09 2016

Exintex confirms the great interest of the Mexican market for Marzoli's technology

Between October 18th and October 21st Marzoli and SI.GA Trading, Marzoli's business partner, attended Exintex, the most important show for textile machinery in Mexico, and met many clients and prospects to discuss about future business opportunities.
According to the latest edition of ITMF Statistics, Mexico has an installed base of almost 4 million spindles. However less than 10% have been installed in the last decade. With the presence of highly-skilled know how, quality cotton and the advantageous geographic position, which allows Mexico to serve several high consuming markets, e.g. the US, Mexican spinning mills have great growth potential. The upgrade of their technical asset could greatly contribute to successfully achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.
Marzoli, the worldwide leader of spinning technology and the only European manufacturer to provide the complete line of machines, and SI.GA Trading have attended the show with the goal to partner with the Mexican spinning mills that want to step ahead from a technological standpoint and take all the efficiency and quality advantages of the most modern spinning machinery.
GS Textil Performance, Marzoli’s local business partner, guarantees that the superior technical performances of Marzoli machines can be maintained over time thanks to a constant technical support and the prompt supply of critical spare parts.
Together Marzoli, SI.GA Trading and GS Textil Performance aim at serving the Mexican spinning sector with the most advanced technology for a well-balanced and completely automated plant and for superior performances on quality, productivity and efficiency.