Marzoli at Igatex 2016

May 04 2016

Marzoli technology to excel on raw material utilization and energetic performances

Between April 20th and April 23rd Marzoli attended Igatex, the largest textile machinery show in Pakistan. This was the occasion to meet several well-known clients and also to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Acmatex.

Acmatex is one of the most long-standing partners of Marzoli. Its mission has always been to support the Pakistani textile community with the most advanced technology and this has nurtured the relationship with Marzoli for the last 50 years.

Marzoli has always offered leading-edge technology for the spinning sector. Modern competition requires a technical asset that maximizes raw material utilization and minimizes operating costs, in particular energy consumption and unskilled labor. Several studies demonstrate that these three components can weigh over 80% and in some cases up to 90% of the total operating costs of a spinning mill. Marzoli has therefore invested to develop leading-edge machines that represent the excellence for efficiency in raw material utilization and energetic performances.
With the extensive competence of Acmatex and the great devotion of the Rehmani family, several Pakistani spinners have already implemented Marzoli’s technology: just for roving frames, in the last four years more than 40 machines have been installed. By attending Igatex Marzoli has once again confirmed its dedication to the Pakistani spinning community and its mission of being a reliable referent for the supply and installation of spinning plants that are global benchmarks for technological advancement.