Marzoli at Indo Intertex

May 10 2016

The most advanced European technology for the Indonesian spinning sector

Between April 27th and April 30th Marzoli attended Indo Intertex, the number 1 textile machinery show in Indonesia. This was the occasion to meet several important clients and to further promote Marzoli technology in one of the most important textile hubs in the South Asian region.

Currently there are almost 12 million short-staple spindles installed in Indonesia. Marzoli aims at supporting all Indonesian spinning companies with the most advanced European technology and to provide them with excellent service through the competence and expertise of its local sales and service partner, PT Sekawan.
Outstanding output quality, top efficiency in raw material utilization and high energetic savings are the main deliverables of Marzoli machines, which thus represent the perfect choice for whoever wants to draw on technological excellence to reach a sustainable competitive advantage.