Marzoli at ITMA 2015

December 24 2015

Huge affluence, several contracts finalized and great interest in all innovations 

ITMA Milan 2015 has definitely been a great success for Marzoli: more than 3 thousand visitors from over 80 countries, several contracts finalized with major clients and, above all, a great deal of interest towards Marzoli machines and innovations.
“Marzoli machines set the lead in spinning technology, all our clients have recognized that; but the great affluence to Marzoli’s stand has also been fostered by the great deal of innovation that we have leveraged in the last four years” the Head of Sales Operations states.

In fact, at ITMA Milan 2015 Marzoli has showcased several products that have ascertained more than mere interest to many clients:

  • Marzoli C701 card, the carding machine with an active surface of 3.74 sqm and an innovative geometry that allows to reach high production with excellent output quality.

  • The new Marzoli CM7 LP Comber, with automatic lap piecing technology, which can reach a mechanical speed of 600 nips per minute, production levels up to 85 Kg/h and minimum IPI values.

  • The new Marzoli FT60 roving frame, with up to 224 spindles and revised flyers drive, draft system, head and rear stocks.
  • The MTR bobbin transport system with its innovative Integrated Bobbin Cleaner for an efficient and regular supply of roving bobbins to the spinning frames.
  • The MRM, the software platform that analyzes the symptomatic data gathered in critical parts of the machines to continuously monitor their operating conditions.