Marzoli at KTM 2017

April 20 2017

Marzoli at KTM: a great success. Highlight: Mac3000

Between April 6th and April 8th Marzoli has attended KTM 2017, the international show for the textile industry in Kahramanmaras, Turkey. With over 250 visitors in three days of show, many of whom are well-known industry leaders, the event has been a great success for Marzoli.

The major highlight at Marzoli’s stand was definitely Mac3000, a highly-innovative, state-of-the-art compact system designed and developed by Marzoli. Beside being one of the few apron systems with an effective “auto-cleaning effect” of the apron, the system guarantees an outstanding compacting performance thanks to the independent modular suction system with large suction tubes, self-cleaning filter and settable speed of the suction motor, driven by inverter, so that the right suction amount can always be set according to count, type of fiber, desired efficiency and quality trade-off.

Marzoli, thanks to its long-standing partner Hidrel and its well-established local service, aims at serving Turkish spinners that want to excel on efficiency, quality and flexibility.