Marzoli at Simatex 2016

April 27 2016

Presenting the most advanced European technology to the Argentinean spinning community

Between April 5th and April 7th Marzoli attended Simatex, the largest textile machinery show in Argentina. The show attracted many visitors from several countries of the South-American region and this gave Marzoli the opportunity to meet several well known clients.

Currently Argentina is the second country in South America for number of installed short-staple spindles. Marzoli aims at supporting all the Argentinean spinning companies with the most advanced European technology and excellent service, thanks to the competence of its local sales and service partner, Chilicote S.A.
Outstanding quality, highest productivity levels, great raw material utilization and excellent energetic performances are the main deliverables of Marzoli machines. But relying on Marzoli also discloses some additional advantages. As the company offers the entire line of machines, the client reverting to Marzoli can rely on just one partner for the design and implementation of the entire project, for the perfect balancing and set up of each part of the spinning plant and for the inclusion within the project of important complementary aspects that play a fundamental role in ensuring the best performance during yarn production (e.g. conditioning, auxiliary equipment, etc.). Furthermore Marzoli has developed two powerful software platforms that leverage on the most advanced ICT from Microsoft® to optimize the entire spinning process and maximize its overall efficiency.
Marzoli today is an international reality with two overseas subsidiaries and a worldwide sales and service network. With active clients, many of whom are well-known industry leaders, in over 70 countries, Marzoli represents the perfect partner for any Argentinean spinner willing to differentiate along the lines of productivity, efficiency and quality.