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Superblender-B12 Automixer Opener, technical fibers, man made fibers Weighing bale opener-B13 Tuft blender-B23 Draw frames DF1 - DFR1 Lap winder-LW3 Comber-CM600 CM7 LP Comber Roving frame FT60 - FT70 Ring spinning frame MDS1

Marzoli offers solutions for short-staple fiber processing for the woven and the nonwoven sectors. For the woven sector Marzoli supplies the full line of machines across opening, preparation and spinning; for the nonwoven sector the company offers the machines for fiber processing and web formation.

All Marzoli solutions add value if compared to traditional ones thanks to technical excellence and the perfect integration of state-of-the-art electronics (smart solutions). Besides rendering Marzoli machines more efficient, more productive and more flexible, electronics has allowed the company to change the way users interact with the machines and the way machines interact with themselves.

Thanks to Marzoli’s End2End Production Management Platform, users can easily manage the entire spinning mill from a computer or tablet. As Marzoli offers all machines from the bale plucker to the spinning frame, its End2end production management platform allows to control each stage of the customer’s production process. The centralization and organization of all the messages coming from the entire spinning process in one intuitive and well-structured interface allow the customer to always have everything under control.

Moreover, Marzoli has developed an advanced Remote Maintenance Platform that allows to maximize the effectiveness of customer maintenance operations thanks to direct live support of Marzoli technical support team anytime and anywhere. Thanks to constant monitoring and analysis of the trends and levels of key mechanical and electronic parameters of the machines, Marzoli can effectively prevent major failures of customer machinery. Marzoli support team constantly assists the client and provides him with relevant information for effective maintenance operations. Marzoli Remote maintenance solution allows to substantially reduce machine failures and prevent from major accidental machine faults.

In order to maximize the client’s process performance, Marzoli can competently tailor its machines to specific customer applications. The vast technical expertise and the thorough technological knowledge allow Marzoli to provide the client with tailor-made solutions based on a close cooperation from the design to the after sale maintenance and upgrading of the machines.

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