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Up to 500 nips/min
Lap weightUp to 80 g/m
Daily productionUp to 1,800 kg
  • Speed up to 500 nips/min
  • Machine suitable for all cotton types
  • Eight combing heads
  • Grooved feeding roller driven on both sides to guarantee maximum feeding uniformity
  • Nipper in ultra light materials
  • Circular comb with a 90° combing angle and 4 sectors with different pin densities
  • Constant narrow distance between jaws and circular comb thanks to standing-pendulum movement of the nipper
  • Wide variety of top comb needle densities: 23 - 26 - 29 - 32 needles/cm
  • Fluted biconical detaching rollers for perfect nipping on the entre width of the fringe
  • Stainless steel sliver tables to avoid false drafts
  • 3 over 4 pneumatic drafting system located on the coiler to avoid false drafts
  • Quality control located after the drafting unit to monitor sliver evenness
  • Cans dimensions: 24" x 48"
  • Automatic can change
  • High efficiency motors
  • Main motor driven by inverter: 

    acceleration, deceleration and machine speed set 

    by HMI
Circular comb90°
Top comb23-26-29-32 needles/cm  
Can sizes24" x 48"
Lap weightup to 80 g/m
Feeding rate4.71 - 5.24 - 5.89
Noil8 to 25 %

Self cleaning top comb

Automatic lap piecing