CM7 LP Comber


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Mechanical speed

Up to 600 nips/min


Up to 85 Kg/h

Lap piecing

Automatic - less than 2 and half minutes

  • Optimized kinematics for a perfect clamping of the fibers in the nipper unit
  • Lighter materials for a nipper unit that weighs less than 2 Kg: lower inertia and, consequently, higher efficiency and precision during combing operations
  • Constant narrow distance between the jaws and the circular comb thanks to the standing-pendulum movement of the nipper
  • Acceleration of the circular comb during the combing phase to increase the time per nip available for all other phases
  • Two options for circular comb: Staedtler Vario 4, with 4 sectors of pins density and a combing angle of 90°; Staedtler Vario 5, with 5 sectors of pins density and a combing angle of 112°
  • Wide variety of top comb densities: 23, 26, 29, 32 needles/cm
  • Self-cleaning top combs (option): a jet of compressed air, blown through the top comb duct, regularly cleans the needles. The frequency and duration of the air blow are settable
  • Top detaching rollers with easily settable pressure and high quality rubber clothing and bottom rollers with helical fluting for a perfect clamping of the fibers along the entire lap width
  • Stainless steel sliver tables to avoid false drafts
  • 3 over 4 pneumatic drafting unit positioned on the coiler to avoid false drafts
  • Premium efficiency (IE3) motors for electric efficiency standards over 90% and leading Kw/Kg performances
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Automatic lap piecing in less than 2 and a half minutes
Circular comb90° - 112°
Top comb23-26-29-32 needles/cm
Can size24" x 48"
Lap weight80 g/m
Noil8% - 25%
Feeding rate4.7 - 4.9 - 5.2 - 5.5 - 5.9 - 6.3