Lap winder-LW3


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High production620 Kg/h
High speedup to 220 m/min
Fast doffing20 seconds
  • Production speed up to 220 m/min programmable through inverter
  • Feeding creel with positively driven rollers and calenders to avoid false draft
  • 24, 28 or 32 doublings with 24" diameter cans. 24 or 28 doublings with 40" diameter cans
  • Independent motor for the drafting groups, making it possible to remove the mechanical transmission and to reduce the cleaning and maintenance downtimes
  • 3 over 3 drafting unit with pneumatic loading
  • Two drafting groups in line with the lap formation calanders for an easier and more precise stacking of the two webs without convoy plates
  • Lap tapering device with movable guides located at the formation calender entrance to reduce the lap width before doffing to achieve a perfect cut of the lap
  • Four points of calender pressure to obtain a compact and uniform lap ready to be wound on the spools
  • Special compacting calender to avoid expansion of the layers at high speed and to prevent the production of laps with turned fibers
  • Fast automatic system for laps unloading and empty tubes loading
  • Automatic loading of the laps on the trolleys or on the conveyor belt for manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic transfer of the laps to the combers
  • Efficient suction directly connected to a central suction system or to a self-cleaning filter box (option)
  • Advanced creel with sensors that immediately stop the machine in case of sliver breakage before the tail enters in the drafting group
  • User-friendly, multilanguage touch screen interface
Lap weightUp to 28 kg
Lap width300 mm
Lap diameter600 mm
Delivery speedVariable - average speed up to 190 m/min