End2end Production Management

Electronics has had a huge impact on the spinning sector. Thanks to electronics, machinery has become more efficient, more productive and more flexible. Marzoli has invested in this direction and today offers an advanced production management platform: YarNet.

Spinning mill management system

YarNet is Marzoli’s highly innovative production management software. Thanks to YarNet the user can easily control and manage from his/her computer the entire spinning mill. As Marzoli is a unique European supplier of the full line of machines for opening, preparation and spinning of short-staple fibers, its software platform can control every machine comprising the production process. Needless to say, the centralization and organization of all the messages coming from the entire production process in one intuitive and well-structured interface allows to have everything under control in any moment and to improve the speed of response in production operations.
YarNet has been designed in order to make production control as easy and as immediate as possible: it has no useless or complicated function, it provides the user with all and only the desired data and makes the information accessible by using tables, colors, charts and diagrams. Moreover, thanks to its modular design, YarNet can be easily tailored to any spinning mill, while the software structure allows to easily connect new machines.

Production monitoring

YarNet allows to monitor the entire spinning plant thanks to a multi-window screen. Each window displays real-time production data (count, twist, speed, production volumes, etc.), machines operating conditions (energy consumption, motors temperatures, etc.) and, thanks to colored progress bars, machines statuses (red=alarm, blue=doffing, yellow=wait, green=run, etc.). This grants a clear overview of the whole plant and allows to immediately identify out-of-control operations, whose causes can then be studied.
Moreover, by juxtaposing production and consumption data, YarNet makes it possible to identify the most efficient production solutions and adjust production volumes accordingly (power management).

Production management

YarNet allows customers to create an unlimited number of production recipes for each machine and save them on hard disk. This allows to save time and reduce human errors during lot changes because the operator can simply recall the desired recipe from the hard disk, without making a new recipe from scratch. 

YarNet gives its best in fancy yarn production as it extends the benefits of easiness and immediateness also to product development. Thanks to YarNet, the user can edit the desired slub at his computer sitting in his office, rather than standing in front of the machine display. This is a relevant advantage especially for complex recipes.
Moreover, YarNet also allows to see a preview of the black table on the computer, enabling the customer to experiment and create new fancy yarns. Once done, the recipe can be directly sent to the spinning frame to start the production of the new product.

For more information about YarNet, please contact our sales team.