High Precision 0pening & Carding Systems

Marzoli offers the full line of machines for opening and carding operations. Thanks to the vast experience acquired throughout the years and to the advanced technical knowledge, Marzoli offers effective solutions for the processing of any type of fiber (natural, man-made, technical and blends) and for any type of application (woven and nonwoven).

In particular, for blends, Marzoli offers its B13 weighing bale opener which yields the maximum weighing accuracy and whose effectiveness is testified also by its market leader position. As for the nonwoven sector, the experience acquired during the implementation of successful international projects has allowed Marzoli to develop machines that produce homogeneous webs while working at very high speed.

Marzoli has introduced substantial process innovations in its opening and carding line: a new concept of fiber treatment to avoid nipping stress on the fibers, redesigned beaters and carding elements and a greater carding area for a better selection and parallelization of fibers when processing high volumes of raw material. These innovations allow the client to reach outstanding performances in:
• Quality. Marzoli’s opening and carding line ensures perfect opening, cleaning, mixing and carding.
• Productivity. Marzoli’s blowroom and cards can reach much higher production levels than those achievable with traditional machinery under equal output quality level.
• Efficiency. With Marzoli’s opening and carding line, the customer can reduce fiber waste while keeping the same output quality level.

The innovative Marzoli’s software platform ensures the perfect integration of the entire line thanks to the smart control of the machines speeds. The software regularly adjusts each machine production according to the input needs of downstream processes. The optimized and controlled speeds of the entire line entail smooth production, low energy consumption and no differences in yarn quality.

Marzoli’s opening and carding line scores very high on flexibility. Marzoli offers a great variety of beaters and carding sectors which allow to perfectly adapt Marzoli machines to any type of short-staple fiber: man-made fibers, innovative technical fibers, cotton with any trash content, bleached cotton, renewed fibers etc. Beside these important adaptations, Marzoli can competently tailor its machines to specific customer applications. As process innovation has become the key strategic leverage to succeed in the market, more and more clients are relying on Marzoli’s vast technological knowledge and techical expertise in order to implement brilliant solutions.


To learn more on Marzoli’s machines comprising the opening and carding line, please click on the links below or contact our sales team

Superblender-B12 Superblender-B12 High reliability and safetyFlexible production: possibility to process 2 blendsSmooth and continuous material plucking all the way down to the floor thanks to the free and upright movement of the conveying rollersAutomatic production adjustment through the movable grid controlled by the mixerExcellent blend and very small flocks thanks to the...
Automixer Automixer-B143L Suitable for any kind of cotton, man made fiber and blend up to 65 mmHigh production (1,600 Kg/h) and storing capacity (up to 550 Kg/h) thanks to pneumatic compaction of the materialEffective dedusting on an area of 10 sqmInnovative design of the transport fan to contain neps formation to a minimumSoft treatment of the fibersLow maintenanceLeading...
Duocleaner-B390L Very efficient opener with outstanding cleaning and dedusting performancesThe fibers are effectively dedusted by the B450L cage condenser The material before being processed by the grids is split into two flows to reduce the material density and increase cleaning effectivenessEach flow of material is processed eight times by the...
Duo blended cleaner-B380L Progressive opening and carding action for intensive cleaningNo nipping of the raw material for a gentle treatment of the fibersReduction of waste percentage with the same cleaning efficiencyEasy selection of waste quality and quantity thanks to the simple setting of the deflectors and the knivesEffective dedusting within the blending chambers on...
Opener, technical fibers, man made fibers Opener-B134L Excellent opening of the fibersSuitable for man-made fibers and blends up to 65 mm staple lengthNo wasteExcellent approachabilityHigh flexibility thanks to the interchangeability of the opening rollsDifferent clothing options of the opening roll: 10,240 pins; 14,880 needles; opening roll with sawtooth
Bale opener & premixer-B14 Production up to 1,000 Kg/hThe length of the feed table can be adapted to the space availableDesigned to perfectly suit productions with smaller lots or when little space is availableFor cotton processing the machine is equipped with 11 adjustable knives grid and suction unit to eliminate the trash
Blending feeder-B15 Production up to 300 Kg/h for raw material feedProduction up to 80 Kg/h for recovered fiber (waste) feedFeed lattice from two to ten meters
Weighing bale opener-B13 Weighing bale opener-B13 Automatic calculation of the production and of the weightsHigh weighing accuracy with an average weighing discrepancy of less than 1%Every 50 weighings (the number is settable) the CV calculation is automatically activated. If the CV is beyond the preset tolerance value, the machine automatically adjusts the settingAutomatic control of the...
Tuft blender-B23 Tuft blender-B23 Production up to 1,000 Kg/h with a frame width of 1,000 mmUp to 5 blend componentsSingle or double delivery for plants where blends frequently change (higher flexibility)
Card-C701 Top quality & productivityCarding surface of 3.74 sqm for: a thinner layer of material on the main cylinder, a lower carding density (i.e. number of fibers per point) and, consequently, higher production and quality performancesWorking width of the main cylinder of 1,500 mm in order to reach a high carding surface with a smaller diameter. This...
Opening-Accessories Two ways automatic deviatorB926T-distributor to divide the feeding to a carding lineB550Manual deviator with movable closure for the flexible feeding of the carding lineB928Two-way automatic deviator for superblenderB929Mouthpiece with permanent magnetB214Heavy parts separatorB176Control panel and drive of the blow room lineB95