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FlexibilitySuitable for cotton, man-made fibers and blends up to 65 mm staple length
ProductionUp to 1.000 kg/h (depending on the processed fiber)
  • Production up to 1,000 Kg/h
  • The length of the feed table can be adapted to the space available
  • Designed to perfectly suit productions with smaller lots or when little space is available
  • For cotton processing the machine is equipped with 11 adjustable knives grid and suction unit to eliminate the trash
Raw materialcotton , man made fibers
Frame width1,200 mm

1. Feed table

2. Feed table photocell

3. Feed lattice

4. Cage condenser

5. Material reserve trunk

6. Photocell

7. Delivery rolls

8. Roll clearer

9. Spiked lattice

10. Evener roll

11. Stripper roll