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Production:Up to 250 Kg/h Ne 0.08
Up to 100 Kg/h Ne 0.12/0.13
Energy consumptionReductions of Kw/Kg up to 30%
Carding surface3.74 sqm
Working width:1,500 mm

Top quality & productivity

  • Carding surface of 3.74 sqm for: a thinner layer of material on the main cylinder, a lower carding density (i.e. number of fibers per point) and, consequently, higher production and quality performances
  • Working width of the main cylinder of 1,500 mm in order to reach a high carding surface with a smaller diameter. This allows to reduce the peripheral speed of the raw material on the main cylinder and consequently avoid excessive stress on the fibers and wear of the carding flats
  • 90 movable flats. 32 always in working position to guarantee the highest carding performances
  • Fully integrated chute feed that ensures that the batt is perfectly even and that is made of small and more open tufts 
  • Small taker in (256 mm) rotating at higher speed (up to 1,500 rpm) to achieve a higher centrifugal force and, consequently, an easy elimination of trash
  • MTA (medium-short) autoleveller in order to ensure the evenness of the card sliver
  • Pre carding area with 6 carding units and 2 fiber control units with relative knives and post carding area with 4 carding units and 2 fiber control units with relative knives for excellent cleaning from impurities, dust and short fibers
  • Minimum mechanical distance between doffer and main cylinder and big diameter of the doffer (700 mm) to allow an easier transfer of the fibers
  • Casting structure for reliable settings of the machine: no variations of the settings (e.g. flats settings, distance between doffer and main cylinder) caused by temperature changes
  • Constant quality control of the sliver in the last area of compaction

Higher efficiency

  • Higher production volumes allow to reach leading Kw/Kg ratios
  • Specifically-designed suction system for the 1,500 mm working width to ensure excellent removal of impurities while containing the amount and pressure of the air

User friendliness

  • Modern PC microprocessor to manage the machine and multi-language touch screen
  • Special design of the external covers to grant high accessibility, mobility and visibility for maintenance personnel
Processed fibersCotton, man made fibers and wool with staple length up to 65 mm
ProductionUp to 270 Kg/h
Carding surface3.74 sqm
Main cylinder width1,500 mm
Main cylinder diameter1,006 mm
Carding angle284°
Moving flats90 of wich 32 always working
Pre cardingup to 8 carding unit
Post cardingup to 6 carding unit
Licker-in diameter256 mm
Doffer diameter700 mm
Delivered silver countKtex 3 - 30

1. Control feed inlet
2. Dust extraction outlet
3. Silo feeding roller
4. Opening roller
5. Fan
6. Lower air discharge outlet
7. Card feeding roller
8. Taker-in
9. Precarding area
10. Flats cleaning device
11. Revolving flats
12. Main cylinder
13. Postcarding area
14. Under main cylinder covers
15. Doffer
16. Under doffer covers
17. Silver forming system
18. Calender
19. Control panel
20. Coiler
21. Electric box
22. Suction system

  • Set of components for the processing of synthetic fibers (waste area, pre- and post-carding area with special configuration to obtain perfect carding and waste reduction)
  • Set of components for the processing of fibers for high pile.
  • Set of special components for the processing of fibers for nonwoven, medical cotton wool, etc.

High performance to process technical fibers.

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