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FlexibilityPossibility to process 2 blends
PruductionUp to 1,600 Kg/h
  • High reliability and safety
  • Flexible production: possibility to process 2 blends
  • Smooth and continuous material plucking all the way down to the floor thanks to the free and upright movement of the conveying rollers
  • Automatic production adjustment through the movable grid controlled by the mixer
  • Excellent blend and very small flocks thanks to the 2 beaters
  • Automatic adjustment of the grid so that all bales are leveled at the same height for a more uniform blend of the bales
Raw materialCotton, man made fibers up to 65 mm

1,100 Kg/h (detacher working width 1,700 mm)

1,600 Kg/h (detacher working width 2,250 mm)


1. Driving panel

2. Bale lay-down area

3. Detacher (1,700 mm or 2,250 mm)

4. Automatic rotating tower

5. Duct for material transportation

6. Two plucking rolls

7. Two conveying rollers

8. Conveying winding roller