Weighing bale opener-B13


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ProductionUp to 350 Kg/h
High precisionAutomatic control of the CV% and adjustment of the machine setting
  • Automatic calculation of the production and of the weights
  • High weighing accuracy with an average weighing discrepancy of less than 1%
  • Every 50 weighings (the number is settable) the CV calculation is automatically activated. If the CV is beyond the preset tolerance value, the machine automatically adjusts the setting
  • Automatic control of the turbulences produced by the material on the balance in order to reach the desired target weight
  • Possibility to choose up to 10 working programs
  • Automatic or manual feed
Raw materialCotton, man made fibers
FeedLattice or cage condenser

1. Feed table

2. Feed table photocell

3. Retaining roll

4. Feed lattice

5. Cage Condenser

6. Material reserve trunk

7. Photocell

8. Delivery rolls

9. Roll clearer

10. Spiked lattice

11. Evener roll

12. Stripper roll

13. Closing flaps

14. Weight pan

15. Bottom traps

16. Tuft blender B23