Bobbin Transport systems

The manual transport of the roving bobbins to the spinning frame is a labor intensive activity which entails higher labor costs, the risk of poor handling and/or confusion of roving bobbins.

Marzoli was among the first companies in the world to conceive automation to solve these inconveniences and for the last 30 years it has gained great expertise on transport systems.

In order to maximize the efficiency of the client’s spinning process, Marzoli has recently launched its Integrated transport solution.

Advantages of Marzoli’s automatic transport:

• Better job organization
• Elimination of the risk of poor handling and confusion of different bobbins
• Prompt availability of bobbins at the spinning frames
• Less non-working spindles on the spinning frames

Marzoli offers various transport solutions with different degrees of automation in order to fully suit customer’s production process:

• Random transport (a): perfectly suited for high production spinning mills with uniform production programs.
• Block creeling transport (b): ideal for highly flexible production programs.



All Marzoli transport solutions are perfectly integrated with Marzoli’s roving and spinning frames thanks to the software platform driving the entire section. This software platform guarantees that the spinning unit works at the highest productivity and efficiency standards.

Marzoli can adapt its transport systems according to individual client’s requests. Marzoli’s engineering team is ready to develop innovative designs in order to maximize the client’s spinning process at the minimum investment cost.

To learn more about Marzoli’s Integrated transport system, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.