Marzoli Mac3000 Compact System

The most versatile system for outstanding quality yarns

Despite the high precision of the ring spinning process, ring-spun yarns still present some defects. These defects arise from the fact that the fiber bundle coming out from the front cylinders is wider than the spinning triangle. This entails that edge fibers are usually lost or caught in a disordered way into the yarn.

Compact technology allows to reduce the width of the fiber bundle so that all fibers are caught and integrated into the yarn structure with the following benefits:

• Reduced yarn hairiness;
• Enhanced yarn evenness;
• Higher strength and elongation values;
• Less variability in yarn strength and elongation;
• Lower required twist on the spinning frame (higher production);
• Reduced fiber fly in weaving and knitting operations (fewer defects on the fabrics and higher efficiency of the machines);
• Enhanced fabric properties (fabric strength, abrasion resistance, pilling behavior, visual and tactile characteristics).

The positive effects of compact systems have fostered spinners to use them on an increasing variety of counts (coarse, medium, thin and extra-thin counts) and types of yarn (combed, carded and synthetic yarns). Meeting the market demand for a versatile compact system that could achieve superior quality outcomes for all types of productions, Marzoli has designed an innovative, stateof-the-art compact system, the Mac3000.

The results obtained with Marzoli partners witness outstanding quality results with the highest degree of reliability on all types of yarns (carded and combed) and with all types of fibers (cotton, synthetic and technical), testifying Marzoli Mac3000 superior versatility.

Marzoli Mac3000 Features:

• Applicable on all new MDS1, MP1 and MPT spinning frames
• Possibility to retrofit on existing spinning frames
• Dedicated suction system for the best compacting performance
• Low production costs
• Superior performances for all types of fibers: cotton, synthetics and blends
• Strongly advised for combed high quality yarns
• Fully integrated with Marzoli pressure arm with Arcobridge
• Reduced cleaning and maintenance
• Visible and accessible compacting zone