FT6 - FT7 -- FT6D - FT7D


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High productivityUp to 224 spindles
Automatic doffing3 minutes
Drive systemIndependent drives
Spindles driveMulti-motor
  • Independent drives to reduce mechanical transmission, vibrations and friction and therefore increase efficiency
  • Feeding creel with hexagonal cylinders, positively driven, to avoid false draft on the slivers
  • 3-over-3 (or 4 over 4) drafting system with pneumatic arm to ensure a perfect control of the fibers during draft
  • Finned rubber cleaners under the first cylinder and in the area between second and third cylinders
  • Two options for an effective and constant cleaning of the top rollers: top roller with rubber fins; individual top roller with rotating nonwoven belt
  • Single photocell or individual sensors to control the rovings and immediately stop the machine in case of roving breakage
  • Multi-motor drive for the spindles (one motor every 32 spindles for the FT6; one motor every 24 spindles for the FT7) to reduce absorptions
  • Flyers and spindles driven through timing belts to reduce noise and maintenance
  • Constant automatic optimization of the spindles speed to keep roving tension in the desired range
  • Semiautomatic or automatic doffing
  • Automatic piece up of the roving after doffing
  • Controlled stop of the machine in case of power failure
  • User-friendly touch screen interface
  • Connection to Marzoli YarNet production management software
MaterialCotton, man-made fibers and blends up to 60 mm
Roving count range Ne 0.40 - 3.5
Roving twist range

 Tw/" 0.30 - 3.55

Draft 4 - 20
FT6 up to 224 spindles gauge 110 mm 6’’x16’’ bobbins
FT7 up to 168 spindles gauge 130 mm 6’’ or 7’’x16’’ bobbins
FT6 - FT7 -- FT6D - FT7D

1. Supports and doffing columns

2. Exchanger

3. Doffer rail

4. Intermediate leg

5. Flyers rail

6. Bobbin rail

7. Bobbins motor

8. Suction duct

9. Bobbin

10. Cylinders

11. Pendulum arm

4-over-4 drafting system with pneumatic arm

First and third bottom roller with  diameter 27 mm

Individual top cleaner with revolving nonwoven belt

Individual sensors for roving breakage 

Sensors for roving tension control

Filter box with manual / automatic cleaning