FT60 - FT70 -- FT60D - FT70D

Roving frame FT60 - FT70


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ProductivityUp to 224 spindles
Drive systemIndependent drives
Spindles driveMulti-motor
Flyers driveMulti-motor
Drafting system driveMulti-motor (electronic draft)
  • Up to 224 spindles for the FT60; up to 168 spindles for the FT70
  • Independent drives to lower mechanical transmission, vibrations and friction and therefore increase efficiency
  • Multi-motor drive for the spindles to increase transmission efficiency: one motor every 32 spindles for the FT60; one motor every 24 spindles for the FT70
  • Premium efficiency (IE3) motors for the spindles drive to excel on energetic performances
  • Multi-motor drive for the flyers to increase transmission efficiency: one motor every 64 flyers for the FT60; one motor every 48 flyers for the FT70
  • Timing belts for the spindles and the flyers to lower maintenance and noise
  • Innovative two-motors cylinders drive to allow an electronic setting of the draft (no change of gears required)
  • Feeding creel with hexagonal rollers to prevent false drafts of the slivers
  • 3-over-3 or 4-over-4 drafting unit
  • Pneumatic or mechanical pressure arm
  • Cylinders diameter of either 32 mm or 27 mm for a low gauge and a better control of short fibers between first and second cylinder
  • Constant automatic adjustment of spindles speed to keep roving tension within the desired range
  • Individual sensors to always guarantee an immediate stop of the machine in case of roving breakage
  • No suction required so that the client can save 4 Kw every hour
  • Low gauge between the spindles, 110 mm for the FT60, 130 mm for the FT70, to reach maximum productivity per sqm
  • Bobbin tube diameter of 53.5 mm or 48 mm for a higher bobbin capacity
  • Bobbin exchanger installable on either the head or the rear stock
  • Perfect integration with Marzoli MTR and MTT bobbin transport solutions (e.g. the doffer rail is accessible to the MTT trolley trains)
  • Connection with Marzoli YarNet production management platform
MaterialCotton, man-made fibers and blends
Roving count rangeNe 0.40 - 3.5 / Nm 0.7 - 5.9 / Tex 170 - 1,470
Roving twist rangeTw/" 0.30 - 3.55 T/M 12 - 140
Draft4 - 20
FT60Up to 224 spindles, 110 mm gauge
FT70Up to 168 spindles, 130 mm gauge
DoffingAutomatic or semiautomatic