Special applications

Global competition requires each spinner to offer different types of products. Hence, spinning plants should easily adapt to different productions, in particular to those mostly demanded by the market: fancy yarn, core-spun yarn, double roving yarn and compact yarn.

Thanks to its particular geometry, Marzoli spinning frame can be easily adapted to any type of production:

• Fancy yarn. Thanks to the electronic drive of the drafting section and the specifically-designed fancy yarn software, Marzoli ensures the highest slubbing performances: any type of slub, no weak points in the yarn, low maintenance and high productivity.

• Core-spun yarn. Thanks to the particular geometry of the feeding creel, the MDS1 ring spinning frame can yield core-spun yarn with any type of core filament (elastic, rigid or semi-rigid) and with any type of covering fiber (natural, artificial or synthetic).

• Double roving yarn. Thanks to the installation of the double-roving device, Marzoli’s MDS1 can yield high quality yarn with greater strength, less hairiness and better evenness.

• Compact yarn. Marzoli’s Compact yarn device ensures the minimization of hairiness and yarn imperfections with substantial improvement in strength and elongation values. Marzoli’s compact device can be easily installed and removed at any time from Marzoli’s MDS1 ring spinning frame, ensuring the maximum achievable flexibility.

Beside upgrades of the spinning frame for particular types of production (e.g. Lycra, Spandex, etc.), Marzoli can also customize its spinning technology to particular applications. The vast technical expertise and thorough technological knowledge allow to offer tailor-made solutions based on cooperation with the customer from design to after sale maintenance operations.

To learn more on Marzoli’s special applications, please contact our sales team.