Ring spinning frame MDS1


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High productivityup to 1,824 spindles 
Drive systemIndependent drives
Spindles driveTangential multimotor
Ring rail driveGearbox without counterweight
Fancy yarnIntegrated

Outstanding efficiency

  • Independent drives for spindles, ring rail and drafting system to minimize mechanical transmission and reduce friction, vibrations and transmission organs with substantial savings on energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Software that allows to monitor power consumption

High productivity

  • Multi-motor tangential drive for the spindles that allows to work at high constant speed on all spindles
  • Long machine: the MDS1 can reach up to 1,824 spindles
  • Higher bobbin capacity as the full bobbins and empty tubes are never next to each other during doffing on the bottom conveyor
  • Spinning rings for high speed
  • Spindles and bolsters for speed up to 25.000 rpm


    Random loading of empty tubes: no need of sorting of the tubes
  • Fast and reliable doffing (2 and a half minutes) with minimum number of ends down at start up (8 breakages/1,000 spindles)

Great flexibility

  • All the technological parameters (count, S or Z twist, bobbin build, speed) are set directly on the touch screen
  • The working programs are stored and can be easily recalled to time during lot changes
  • Innovative creel for all types of upgraded productions (elastic, rigid or semirigid core-spun yarn, double roving)
  • Market-leading integrated slubbing device for the production of all types of slub yarn with no mechanical modification of the spinning frame
  • Light and solid mechanics for the best slubbing performances (e.g. 20 slubs per meter, slub length below 20 mm, no weak points in the yarn)
  • Advanced compacting system to guarantee excellent quality results with all types of fibers (cotton, synthetics and blends) and a wide range of counts with no clogging of the holes of the aprons
MaterialCotton, man-made fibers and blends up to 60 mm
CountNe 4 - Ne 150
TwistZ-S twist; 4 to 51 t/"
Draft7.5 - 80
Spindles gauge70 - 75 mm
Ring diameter36 - 54
Tubes leght180 - 260 mm

Integrated fancy yarn

Arco bridge

Compact yarn

Creel for double roving 

Creel for core-spun yarn (elastic and rigid filament)

Creel for automatic block creeling of bobbins trains 

Pre-arrangement to install the Wondercleaner 

Connection to YarNet production management software

Link to the cone winder

Integrated  fancy  yarn  device. Visit the section