Profitability of a spinning mill relies on the enduring performance of  its production processes and equipment.

Marzoli developed an extensive assistance network which ensures timely and effective interactions with its clients and a comprehensive portfolio of value-added customer support services:

• An Advanced Customer Service Program. In relation to the level of cooperation with Marzoli on spare parts, the program rewards Marzoli’s clients with the following benefits: dedicated commercial discounts, privileged access to the customer assistance service and to the technical support of Marzoli’s senior product managers.

• A Remote Maintenance Support Service based on state-of-the-art information technology which discloses the following customer benefits: higher productivity, no machines unplanned downtimes, prevention from machine failures with big damages to the equipment, longer plant lifespan and higher efficiency.

• Retrofitting and Revamping Services. Marzoli directly or through its network of service partners can assist the clients in an extensive range of retrofitting and revamping projects. Retrofitting packages are currently available for electronic upgrading of the following machines: FT1 roving frame; RST1, MPT and MP1 ring spinning frame.

• ReSale Support for 2nd-Hand Equipment. Leveraging on an extended and capillary network of service partners and direct references in the second-hand market, Marzoli can support his clients for the sale and substitution of used equipment. Marzoli can also retrofit the used equipment to the benefit of its recipients thanks to his historical capabilities, a wide network of reliable partners and the prompt availability of spare parts.

For more information regarding Marzoli customer support services, please contact our sales team.